About International Society of Microbiota

President of ISM:
Peter C. Konturek, Thuringia-Clinic Saalfeld, Germany

Founder and Executive Chairman:
Marvin Edeas, Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016, University Paris Descartes, France

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About the International Society of Microbiota (ISM):

International Society of Microbiota

The idea of ISM was born in 2013 by Prof. Marvin Edeas after the transformation of the Task Force Mitochondria-Microbiota to a larger group gathering all actors and experts working in the field of microbiota.

The idea is to bring a new level of thinking and understanding of microbiota science out of the classical existing point of view.

The science of gut and microbiota is a dynamic field, with a huge evolution and affected by multi factors.  

ISM will bring this new dynamic point of view to accelerate the credible translation of this science into real benefit for the consumer.

ISM is a non-profit-making international organization.


The aims of ISM are to:

1.    ISM offers a new perspective and solutions for microbiota and health: the dynamic microbiota research,

2.    Advance the practical applications of microbiota and their metabolites in all related fields, with particular reference to health and nutrition,

3.    Analyze and provide recommendations to ISM’s members, health decision-makers and institutions about the last microbiota researches, uses and problems. This analysis will be done by international qualified team members of ISM,

4.    Encourage communication and interaction among researchers, physicians, nutritionists, industrials, food technology and strategic marketing managers through a global microbiota network, Increase integration and interaction of the various disciplines involved in microbiota fields.

5.    Prepare a standard for collecting, conserving, analyzing of microbiota

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Contact & Info:

International Society of Microbiota
Kanaya Bldg 4F, 4-11-3, Hatchobori Chuo-ku
104-0032 Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 0081 3 3552 5277
Email:  microbiota(at)microbiota-site.com

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