Impact of the gut microbiome composition on social decision-making

Impact of the gut microbiome composition on social decision making

Researchers from Sorbonne Université and INSEAD shed light on the influence of the gut microbiome on human social decision-making. In a recent study led by Hilke Plassmann, the team conducted a 7-week synbiotic dietary intervention to investigate its effects on altruistic social punishment behavior.

Participants in the study exhibited increased willingness to sacrifice monetary gain when faced with unfair treatment post-intervention,when treated unfairly after the intervention, suggesting a causal link between gut microbiome composition and social decision-making. Changes in fasting-state serum levels of the dopamine-precursor tyrosine were also observed, indicating a potential mechanistic connection along the gut–microbiota–brain-behavior axis.

These findings contribute to our understanding of how body–brain interactions influence social behavior and challenge conventional economic theories. The study underscores the significance of a balanced diet for social decision-making and offers insights with implications for education and policy.

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