Precision Nutrition to Modulate Gut Microbiota in Reproductive Health and Pregnancy

Dr Annalisa TerranegraDr. Annalisa Terranegra from Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar, will be discussing her most recent findings on ”Precision nutrition approach to modulate gut microbiota in reproductive health and pregnancy"

A poor diet during preconception period and pregnancy can cause deficiency in nutrients impacting on gene pathways involved in the metabolism, immune system, angiogenesis and other pathways and leading to infertility, pregnancy complications (i.e., gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, preterm birth, etc.) and the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in the adult life.
The recent advance in the multi-omics technologies opens new routes to discover the molecular mechanisms underlying the role of nutrients in fertility and pregnancy complications.
The study of the microbiota shed lights on the microbial dysbiosis caused by unbalanced diet and its link with pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes and preterm birth, among others. However, the difference in genetic background as well as in the environmental factors makes difficult to define the exact mechanism controlling the microbiota in the pregnancy complications and infertility among different populations. The science of precision nutrition aims to provide precise diagnosis and personalized treatments to the individual patient taking into account genetics, microbiota composition and environmental factors.
Her studies focus on understanding the response of the gut microbiota to different dietary intakes both in pregnancy complications and in-vitro fertilization treatments in unexplored populations from Middle East and Far East.

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Targeting Microbiota 2022 Congress
October 19-21, 2022- Paris, France

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