Interpreting Microbiomes Via Multi-omics for Precision Health

Dr Nathan PriceDr. Nathan Price, from Thorne HealthTech, USA will be discussing his most recent findings on ''Interpreting microbiomes via multi-omics for precision health''

Healthcare in the 21st century is becoming increasingly focused on wellness as a key strategy for dealing with the chronic diseases that account for the majority of healthcare costs today. To enable the precision health strategies of the future — what we call ’scientific wellness’ — it is necessary to generate large amounts of data on healthy people to quantify wellness states and to observe the earliest transitions to disease in order to enable predictive and preventive medicine.

In his talk, Dr. Price will discuss how such 'deep phenotyping’ data has been used in particular to show:

  1. The ability of the blood metabolome to interpret key aspects of gut microbiome health
  2. The gut microbiome becoming more unique to each individual throughout healthy aging
  3. Intervening in the microbiome to improve health.

He will also introduce a new microbiome sample collection technology that his team developed at Thorne HealthTech.

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Targeting Microbiota 2022 Congress
October 19-21, 2022 - Paris, France

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