Manipulating Fiber Polysaccharide Structure to Alter Targeting to Gut Microbiota

Dr Stephen LindemannDr. Stephen Lindemann, from Purdue University, USA will be discussing his most recent findings on ''Manipulating Fiber Polysaccharide Structure to Alter Targeting to Gut Microbiota''.

Modulation of the gut microbiome’s composition and function using prebiotic fibers requires that individuals’ microbiota respond more similarly than idiosyncratically. Unfortunately, however, most common prebiotics are broadly utilized by diverse microbiota, and often fail in feeding trials to increase abundances of their targeted microbes. In contrast, however, arabinoxylans, which are hemicellulosic fibers from brans, elicit highly reproducible microbiome responses across individuals, both with respect to community structure and metabolic function. Fine differences in arabinoxylan structure make significant impacts on the most adapted microbial consortia. Furthermore, enzymatic pre-modification of arabinoxylan structure is able to retarget arabinoxylans to different microbial consumers, and their associated metabolites.

This talk will underscore the use of these complex fibers for predictable microbiome impact across diverse individual gut microbiomes. Join Dr. Lindemann during the Session entitled ''Strategies, Innovations & Challenges to Target Microbiota Dysbiosis'' to learn more about his talk.

More interesting topics on microbiota in nutrition will be presented during the Targeting Microbiota 2022 Congress, held this October - in Paris.

You can also submit your abstract for this session.

Targeting Microbiota 2022 Congress
October 19-21, 2022 - Paris, France

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