Probiotics and FMT as Add-On Therapies for Depression

Dr André SchmidtDr. André Schmidt, from the University of Basel, Switzerland, will be joining us in October to discuss his latest findings on "Probiotics and FMT as Add-on Therapies for Depression". 

In fact, depression is a highly prevalent and burdensome psychiatric disorder. Even though antidepressants and further therapeutic approaches are widely applied, up to 30% of treatment-resistant patients experience residual symptoms when receiving optimized treatments. Therefore, the development of novel and more efficient treatment approaches is urgently needed. Compelling evidence shows that alterations in the gut microbiota composition impact human physiology and contribute to diseases including psychiatric disorders like depression. The manipulation of the gut microbiota as part of the microbiota-gut-brain (MGB) axis has emerged as promising new target for the treatment of depression.

In this talk, Dr. Schmidt presents data from a randomized controlled trial exploring clinical and biological effects along the MGB axis of probiotic supplementation in patients with depression. He further shows data from two depressed patients receiving fecal microbiota transplantation. These findings will be discussed in the view of current research and potential suggestions for future studies will be proposed aiming at developing microbial interventions for depression care.

Join Dr. Schmidt and other experts to know more about the "Strategies, Innovations & Challenges to Target Microbiota Dysbiosis".

Targeting Microbiota 2022 Congress
October 19-21, 2022 - Paris, France

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