Best Poster Award at Targeting Microbiota 2023 Spotlights Innovative Research

Best Poster 2023

Targeting Microbiota 2023 Best Poster Presentation Award

The International Society of Microbiota (ISM) is delighted to extend its warmest congratulations to Kelly Conde Pérez, from the Universitary Hospital of A Coruña, Spain, for her outstanding poster presentation titled:

Parvimonas Micra Translocates From Subgingival Pockets to Tumors in Colorectal Cancer Patients."

This remarkable poster presentation has illuminated a potential breakthrough in our understanding of the microbiota's role in colorectal cancer. Kelly's work suggested a fascinating link between the oral pathogen Parvimonas micra and tumors in colorectal cancer patients. The data presented indicated that P. micra not only coexists with other periodontal pathogens but also migrates to the gut, liver, and periodontal pockets. The efficiency of bacterial translocations appears to be enhanced when microorganisms form consortia.

Moreover, RNA-seq analysis provided compelling evidence that oral microbes exhibit increased activity within tumor tissues compared to healthy tissue. This groundbreaking research implies that Parvimonas micra, in conjunction with other pathobionts, may translocate from the oral cavity to the gut. This revelation opens up exciting possibilities, as P. micra could potentially serve as a non-invasive biomarker for colorectal cancer.

Kelly Conde Pérez's work embodies the spirit of innovative microbiota research, and her findings hold immense promise for advancing our understanding of colorectal cancer and its relationship with the microbiome.

The ISM commends Kelly for her exceptional contribution to the field and encourages young investigators to pursue their passion for microbiota research. We are committed to keeping you updated with the latest discoveries and advancements in this dynamic field. Stay engaged and stay tuned for more groundbreaking research!

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