The International Society of Microbiota published a press released concerning Microbiota Science

ISM was born from the Japanese fermentation “know-how” and its ability to test and validate a scientific solution to aged population. The idea of ISM is to bring a new level of understanding of microbiota science out of the classical existing point of view.

The organizers of Pasteur Institute meeting divided their task force in four targets. Dr Marvin Edeas, chairman of congress commented: "...We need to reposition the global microbiota strategy: our task force proposes to analyze the metabolites first, reformulate later and provide it to people rather than providing the microbiota strain..."

Dr Edeas, who initiated the ISM Task Force, concluded, “…we cannot consider one microbiota strain can treat one precise pathology and fit with all population coming from different cultures…”.

Targeting the Science

More scientific research needed to profile and analyze the diversity of microbiota of each person.The sequencing of human microbiota progress and many innovations will be presented during Institut Pasteur Meeting.

We look to set up a kind of individual profile to be used as a biomarker of many chronicle diseases.

Targeting the Diversity of Population

ISM will take on consideration the variability, the heterogeneity of populations and their diets. 

Targeting the Industrial Translation

The industrial vision of microbiota must be re-designed and re-think. 

“…we cannot consider one microbiota strain can treat one precise pathology and fit with all population coming from different cultures…”


The scientific committee of ISM will double efforts to better understand the quality of metabolite and undertake clinical studies with this metabolite rather the strain.

Targeting EFSA regulatory

How to explain the EFSA rejection of all claims provided by industries?

The industries and also the EFSA experts considered the gut microbiota science as a classical pharmaceutical science. While the science of gut and microbiota is a dynamic field, with a huge evolution and can be modulated by many factors. 

ISM will bring this new dynamic point of view to accelerate the credible translation of this science into real benefit for the consumer.

A specific meeting with EFSA experts will be scheduled to share our point of view.

ISM offers a new platform connecting industries, scientists and regulatory bodies.
This platform is located in Tokyo.- Japan. The chairman is Yuki Ikeda.

To access to all practical information about ISM, please click here.


Dr Marvin Edeas, Dr Miria Ricchetti



International Society of Microbiota

Dr Yuki Ikeda - Chairman

Kanaya Bldg 4F, 4-11-3, Hatchobori Chuo-ku
104-0032 Tokyo - Japan




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