Microbiota & Horses: Towards a revolution on animal medicine

ChevalLogo2015All you need to know to sequence microbiota in horses will be discussed during Targeting Microbiota World Congress 2015.

During the workshop of the congress, a special session is dedicated to What we can learn from microbiota analysis and how to apply this to animal health?

The scientifc committee of ISM invited Dr Knut Rudi from Norway University of Life Sciences to give a presentation about Dynamic interactions of the equine hindgut microbiota in health and disease.


According Dr Rudi: "Horses derive 60-70 % of their energy through microbial hindgut fermentation. The fermentation is a delicate dynamic process where energy overload and can lead to a severe diseased acidotic state. Based on microbiome data we have developed dynamic models to both understand the diseased - and non-diseased microbiota. These models revealed the importance of short-term (within hours) dynamic interactions. We believe that dynamic modelling also can be a valuable contribution for understanding the role of the microbiota in health and disease for other organisms."

To know more about Microbiota sequencing, don't hesitate to register to the workshop on www.microbiota-site.com


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