The ISM awarded Pr Iradj Sobhani for his Scientific Contribution during the 3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota

sobhani iradj During the 3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota held at Pasteur Institute from October 21 to 23, Pr Iradj Sobhani from Hôpital Universitaire Henri Mondor, France gave a strategic presentation about "Cancer & Microbiota: Potential of fecal microbiota for early-stage detection of colorectal cancer".


According Pr Sobhani: "Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the main major problems in health care. The incidence is growing in western countries and no evident cause is found although germline DNA mutations in less than 5% of patients are identified and environment factors such as food, style of life, medicine, etc... are now suspected to induce majority of cancers. Exhaustive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of all factors from the environment is not possible. The microbiota may be considered as platform offering host and environment interactions for studying CRCs. And growing data show specific changes in microflora (dysbiosis) in colon cancer patients’ stools or adherent to the colonic mucosa. The hypothesis that colon cancer might be a bacteria-related disease is suggested and perspectives discussed."

The Scientific Committee of the International Society of Microbiota was delighted to award Pr Sobhani for this strategic presentation and his scientific contribution during the international congress.

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