Marvin Edeas from Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016 will present the challenge to find strategies to modulate the quality and diversity of microbiota

Microbiota marvin edeasOur aim is to highlight the subtle relationship that exists between microbiota and mitochondria. Microbiota targets mitochondria by modulating the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) production and the mitochondrial activity through interactions with toxins, proteins or other metabolites released by gut microbiota. The intriguing relationship that exists between mitochondria and microbiota is strengthened by the probable prokaryotic origin of mitochondria. Emerging data implicates a role for ROS, nitric oxide, Short Chain Fatty Acids and hydrogen sulfide in the cross-talk between microbiota – mitochondria and REDOX signaling. Several studies have shown that microbiota act and modulate mitochondrial activity, and use it as a relay to strengthen host-microbiotal interaction. This modulation depends on the gut bacterial strain quality and diversity to increase its pathogenic versus beneficial effects. Furthermore, based on conclusions from new studies, it is possible that microbiota can directly interact with the host cell gene expression by favoring bacterial and mitochondrial DNA insertion in the nuclear genome. The emerging knowledge of mitochondria-microbiota interaction may be of great importance to better understand the mechanism of mitochondrial and metabolic diseases, and the syndromes associated with change in quality and quantity of microbiotal species.  We suggest that microbiota via mitochondrial modulation influence cell homeostasis and metabolism. The challenge will be to find strategies to modulate the quality and diversity of microbiota rather than acting on microbiota metabolites and microbiota related factors. The medicine of tomorrow will be completely personalized. Firstly there will be a test to show the quality, quantity and diversity of microbiota, and secondly a preventive or therapeutic strategy will be administrated (probiotics, diet, prodrug or fecal transplantation). The era of digital medicine is here.

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