Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe): Presentation of a framework to include microbiota and mitochondria in clinical practice

Ted Achacosa MicrobiotaDr Theodore Achacoso from Health Optimization Medicine and Practice Association, USA and BioBalance Institute, Manila, Philippines Will give a strategic presentation during Targeting Microbiota congress about Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe): A framework to include microbiota and mitochondria in clinical practice.

According to Dr Achacoso: "“Illness Medicine” diagnoses and treats disease at the organ level of organization, for example, neurology and cardiology. Allopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, and Functional Medicine are all clinical practices that diagnose and treat disease. In contrast, “Health Optimization Medicine” or HOMe detects and corrects imbalances at the cellular and intracellular level of organization and communication [...]. Currently, detection and correction of imbalances is at the level of the metabolome, [...] may allow detection and correction of subatomic imbalances [...] HOMe is a clinical practice at the level of structure, information, and energy common to all cells, regardless of organ."

During the congress, Dr Achacoso will describe HOMe and its practical aspects. 

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