The Short Oral Contribution award was delivered to Dr. Julie Reygner


Julie Reygner Award

During the Targeting Microbiota 2018 congress, the Scientific Committee awarded Dr. Julie Reygner from Université Paris Descartes - Faculté de Pharmacie, France for her Short Oral communication entitled "A new freeze-dried formulation to conserve stools over 12 months for fecal transplantation".

Our presentation reports the use of a new freeze-drying process for fecal suspensions to optimize fecal transplantation procedure (FMT). Using this process, we showed that microbiota composition and functional properties were well-preserved over 12 months of storage at 4°C. Moreover, we observed a survival rate of 70% in FMT-treated Clostridium difficile-infected mouse compared to 20% in not FMT-treated infected animals. These results represent an important step toward the development of new approaches to standardize and facilitate FMT procedure and thus patient’s access of this treatment.

I would like to thank the congress organizers who allowed me to present our work. It was a great experience to make this presentation during the congress. I appreciate very much the scientific presentations which were very enlightening and interesting. I’m really grateful to have received the oral presentation award. I will share it with the whole team with special thanks to my supervisors Prof. Nathalie Kapel, Dr. Anne Judith Waligora and Dr. Muriel Thomas who allowed me to present it in front of you all.

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