Presentation Recording Guidelines

Dear Targeting Microbiota 2021 Speakers and Attendees,

The 8th Word Congress on Targeting Microbiota 2021 will be held for now in a hybrid form on October 20-22, 2021. This means that attendees and speakers will have the choice to attend eithr in-person, in Paris, or online via the conference platform. In this case, the presentations will be submitted as pre-recorded videos.

2 workshops will be held on October 20, 2021: 

  • How to Evaluate Skin Microbiota 2021?
  • How to Evaluate & Modulate Gut Microbiota?

These 2 workshops will be organized one day before the Targeting Microbiota 2021 conference, exclusively online. The workshops can be accessed on-demand for three months, starting from their date.

In these particular conditions, we decided to organize the meeting in Paris (France) & via a Platform. Below are some clarifications for the online option.

1 - The meeting will be hybrid: online & in-person. 

2 - As a major speaker, short oral, and poster presenter, you will receive an email from us with a link to record your talk alone. 

3 - Your talk will be added on the platform as indicated in the program, from October 21 2021 to January 13 2022. After this date, all communications will be removed and destroyed.

4 - Concerning the Workshops which will be held on October 20: Dr. Carole Niccp will talk online starting from 8:55 Paris time about the Gut workshop, followed by Dr. Florence Abdallah at 13:50 for the Skin workshop. Both workshops will be recorded and available on demand.

The totality of the recorded workshops will be available for 3 months.
If you did not already register for the workshop and you registered for the conference, please contact us to update your registration.

5 - For the online option, attendees can only watch the talk and will not be allowed to Register, Download, Transfer, or Record.

6 - You can leave your question in the Q&A section of the presentation and authors can answer directly via our Platform.

Prior to the Conference: How to prepare your recording?

- All Invited Major Speakers are being asked to record their 20 minutes talks via the conference platform.
- All Short Oral contributions accepted are being asked to record their 10 minutes talks.
- For a Poster presentation, you have two options:
  • Option A: Submit your poster in PDF format which will be added to the Platform.
  • Option B: Present your poster orally with a maximum 5 minutes presentation.
    If you wish, you can send us both PDF Poster and Recorded Presentation

If you didn't receive the link to record your presentation, please contact us.

Conference Platform:

All contributions accepted by the scientific committee will be added to the specific conference platform prior to the conference, as indicated in the session of the program.

Attendees and speakers can leave their questions in the presentation chat window, which will be transferred to the speaker, chairman, and scientific committee.
Within the platform, you can also directly contact the speakers and attendees.

How to Access to all Communications?

Upon registration, each pre-recorded contribution can be separately viewed online from the date of the conference, October 21 2021, until January 13 2022, via the use of access code. The "à la carte" presentations can be viewed in the comfort of your place.

We strongly recommend registering for both workshop and congress to obtain full access to the platform.

How to record your presentation?
1 We use the ZOOM software for video recording. The video recording will begin automatically when you join the room. Download ZOOM Here
Please use ratio 4x3 for your PPT presentation.
We suggest you prepare all the necessary documents before starting/joining the room.
2 After joining the room, we would appreciate it if you could take the first 1 min to prepare everything like sharing your PPT/PDF and enabling your Mic and Video.
A guide on how to share screen and recording: Download Zoom guide.
3 During the recording, If you think you made some mistake or distracted
  1. If it is okay with you, please END the recording and quit the room. After that, you can rejoin the room with the same link and start the presentation again from the beginning.
  2. If the presentation is almost finished and cannot record again from the beginning, please continue the recording and send us an email and let us know the minute where you got distracted. We will edit the presentation.
4 After you finished recording, please click END THE CALL & LEAVE THE ROOM, and the recorded video will be transferred automatically to us.
Security &
of presentation

We keep your recorded presentation in secure cloud storage.
Attendees can only view the presentation and no one could DOWNLOAD & COPY it and your presentation is protected with encryption.
After the end of congress (3 months), we will destroy all presentations and posters.

 View presentation  Download Presentation  Copy video link

You can use our PPT template with a ratio of 4x3 for your presentation. Download the template here.

Guide on how to share screen and recording: DownloadZoom guide.

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