Targeting Microbiota 2021 Awards

Scientific Contribution Award

Scientific Award #1

Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, director of the Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes and a Professor at  Arizona State University, USA

"Microbiota Transfer Therapy for Autism: Multi-Omic Approaches and Lessons Learned"


Scientific Award #2

Dr. Aleksander Kostic, Harvard Medical School, USA

"Reconstruction of Ancient Microbial Genomes from the Human Gut"


Scientific Award #3

Prof. Siew Ng, Director of Microbiota I-Center (MagIC) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

"The Promise of Microbiota Modulation during COVID-19 Pandemic"


Animal Microbiota Symposium Scientific Award 

Dr. Andres Gomez, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA

"The Horse Gut Microbiome Responds in a Highly Individualized Manner to Forage Lignification"


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Best Short Oral Presentation Award

Sebastian Granica, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

"Postbiotic Metabolite - Uroloithin A as a Lead Molecule for Atopic Dermatitis"


Jaeyun Sung, Mayo Clinic, USA

"Gut Microbiome Predicts Clinically Important Improvement in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis"


 Eric Nayman, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, USA

"Generation of Microbial Compositions From 16S rRNA Sequences — Are You Generating Medically Meaningful Analyses?"


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Best Poster Presentation Award

Mariana Ilha, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

"Gut-Derived Indole-3-Propionic Acid May Modulate the Mitochondrial Organization in Hepatic Stellate Cells" 


Cristina Rosell-Cardona, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

"Dietary Supplementation with Spray-Dried Porcine Plasma Has Prebiotic Effects on Gut Microbiota in Senescent Mice" 


Philippe Tixador, Biocodex, France

"The Probiotic Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 Prevents Invasion of Vaginal Epithelial Cells by Candida albicans and Gardnerella vaginalis" 


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