Day 1 - Thursday, October 22,  2020

Session 1 - Targeting Microbiota 2020: Mechanisms & Pathologies

9h00 - 10h30
Microbiota Dysbiosis in the Pathogenesis of COVID-19
Short Oral Presentations
11h00 - 12h30
Metabolites and Metabolome: Challenges & Perspectives
Short Oral Presentations
14h00 - 15h30
Microbiota Skin & Environment
Short Oral Presentations
16h00 - 17h30
Targeting Microbiome Big Data, Machine Learning Technics, Automation Challenges
Short Oral Presentations
End of the first day


Day 2 - Friday, October 23,  2020

Session 2 - Targeting Microbiota 2020 - Clinical Studies & Innovations

9h00 - 12h30
Strategies to Manipulate the Microbiota & Microbiome
Short Oral Presentations
14h00 - 15h30
Phage Therapy & Microbiota
Short Oral Presentations
Scientific Committee discussion
General Discussion & Concluding Remarks
Targeting Microbiota Awards:
  • Scientific Contribution of the year
  • Short Oral Contribution
  • Poster Contribution
  • Industrials Innovations
End of Targeting Microbiota 2020

If you wish to submit your abstract for a major talk, Short oral presentation or Poster, please follow the link below:

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You can submit your study, products in the innovation session.

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