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New research suggests that lean meat lovers may increase their risk of heart disease through a series of events that occur in the gut.

Researchers have found that certain gut bacteria, which are abundant in lean meat eaters, are the key to turning a nutrient called carnitine into an enemy. A chemical called TMAO helps promote blood clotting and arterial blockage.

Emergencia timonensis -Convert carnitine to TMAO. Meat eaters have a significant amount of these microbes, but few long-time vegetarians or vegans.

In experiments with mice, researchers E. timonensis Increased TMAO levels and the tendency of blood to form blood clots.

There are blood tests available to measure people’s TMAO levels. And Hazen said these could allow healthcare providers to give patients more personalized dietary advice. Limiting lean meat may be especially important if someone has a high TMAO level.

Stay on track! Such topics and many more are to be presented in the 9th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Microbiota on October 19-21,2022 in Paris and online.

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