The Probiotic Strain H. alvei HA4597®: Efficacy for Weight Loss

The Probiotic Strain H. alvei HA4597®: Efficacy for Weight Loss

News Release, International Society of Microbiota, France – March 29, 2022

The role gut microbiota in the control of body weight and feeding behavior has been supported by increasing evidence.

Recent studies have reported that the probiotic strain Hafnia alvei HA4597® (HA), which produces the satietogenic peptide ClpB mimicking the effect of alpha-MSH, reduced weight gain and adiposity in rodent models of obesity. 

Déchelotte et al, investigated the clinical efficacy of HA in 236 overweight subjects in a 12-week prospective, double-blind, randomized study.

  • All subjects received standardized counselling for a −20% hypocaloric diet and were asked to maintain their usual physical activity.
  • Subjects of the HA group received two capsules per day providing 100 billion bacteria per day and subjects in the Placebo (P) group received two placebo capsules.
  • The primary endpoint was the percentage of subjects achieving a weight loss of at least 3% after 12 weeks.
  • Intention-to-treat statistical analysis was performed using exact-Fischer, Mann-Whitney and paired-Wilcoxon tests as appropriate. 

In the HA group, significantly more subjects (+33%) met the primary endpoint than in the P group, and an increased feeling of fullness and a greater loss of hip circumference at 12 weeks were also observed.

Fasting glycemia at 12 weeks was significantly lower in the HA compared to P group.

Clinical and biological tolerance was good in both groups.

In conclusion, this 12-week treatment with the probiotic strain H. alvei HA4597® significantly improved weight loss, feeling of fullness and reduction of hip circumference in overweight subjects following moderate hypocaloric diet. The data support the use of H. alvei HA4597® in the global management of excess weight.

Read more about this trial.

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Targeting Microbiota 2022 will extensively discuss the role of probiotics in weight loss. The International Society of Microbiota provides you with a chance to submit your abstracts on this topic. You can submit your abstract here.

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