Researchers Discover a Gut Microbiota Profile that can Predict Mortality

The International Society of Microbiota would like to share this excellent paper by  Aaro Salosensaari and al. on Researchers discover a gut microbiota profile that can predict mortality.



The scope is about: The collection of fecal material and developments in sequencing technologies have enabled standardised and non-invasive gut microbiome profiling. Microbiome composition from several large cohorts have been cross-sectionally linked to various lifestyle factors and diseases. In spite of these advances, prospective associations between microbiome composition and health have remained uncharacterised due to the lack of sufficiently large and representative population cohorts with comprehensive follow-up data.

One of many conclusion is: Analysis provides a systematic quantification of the long-term health associations of the human faecal microbiome. In spite of using a remarkably heterogeneous, but robust outcome variable, we could identify specific gut microbiome features that were linked to all-cause mortality during the 15-year follow-up. These associations can be observed both in the Eastern and Western Finns who have differing genetic backgrounds, lifestyles and mortality rates. Our results extend previously reported cross-sectional associations.



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