Destination shapes antibiotic resistance gene acquisitions, abundance increases, and diversity changes in Dutch travelers

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This Article is about Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and their antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes that can spread by hitchhiking in human guts. International travel can exacerbate this public health threat when travelers acquire AMR genes endemic to their destinations and bring them back to their home countries. Prior studies have demonstrated travel-related acquisition of specific opportunistic pathogens and AMR genes, but the extent and magnitude of travel’s effects on the gut resistome remain largely unknown.

The excellent results published by John Penders, show that travel shapes the architecture of the human gut resistome and results in AMR gene acquisition against a variety of antimicrobial drug classes. These broad acquisitions highlight the putative risks that international travel poses to public health by gut resistome perturbation and the global spread of locally endemic AMR genes.


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