Microbiota & Food 2018: Towards a New Era in Agro-Food Industry

The International Society of Microbiota (ISM) organizes three meetings in 2018:

  • 6th ISM World Congress on Targeting Microbiota (October 2018)
  • 1st ISM Symposium on Microbiota & Food
  • 3rd ISM Symposium on Aqua Microbiota

The two symposiums will be organized in Paris, France, respectively in June 14 and June 15, 2018.

Nowadays, the studies about microbiota are revolutionizing the clinical and health research. To fit with this extraordinary revolution, the agro-food industries have to prepare and initiate new ideas and new products for which the formulation will have a positive impact on human gut microbiota and by consequence on human health. The aim of Microbiota & Food 2018 is to provide some ideas and strategies to help integrate an understanding of the industry perspective with the clinical and scientific perspectives to initiate these projects.

Microbiota & Food 2018 will be divided in different strategic parts:

  • Presentation of the recent scientific advances and perspectives
  • Microbiota, food industry and regulatory aspects
  • Microbiota, food industry and formulation: presentation of the innovations

In the first part of the Microbiota & Food 2018, we will discuss the recent advances in microbiota and food utilization, its characterization, its role and its clinical impact on health. The committee will also highlight the toxicity aspects of food processing and exposure to various external component or unidentified contaminants and the impact on the microbiota after ingestion and exposure.

In the second part, the committee will highlight the strategic topic of the regulatory aspects in the industry and how these regulatory guidelines have impact on academic and clinical science. We will present the different regulatory categories of products (food for special medical purpose, food supplements, infant formula…) and the following strategic questions will be discussed:

  • How can industry, academic and clinical scientists work together to address regulatory challenges?
  • Why is it important for scientists and clinicians to care about it?

In the last part, we will highlight the practical aspects and potential applications in agro-food industry, infant formula, dairy products and all food formulations aimed to prevent and treat diseases. We will present the innovations related to microbiota applications in the different agro-food industries (probiotics, prebiotics, fermented food, functional ingredients…)

Among Microbiota & Food 2018 hot topics:

  • Microbiota & food: recent advances & perspectives / Modifying the microbiota through food
  • Microbiota & food industry: recent advances, regulation and perspectives
  • Food and food supplements effects on microbiota in various diseases
  • Microbiota, food & toxicity
  • Microbiota & food innovations

To access the preliminary agenda, please follow this link.

Call for abstracts and innovations – 10 minutes to convince

The Scientific Committee invites all scientists, academics and industrials to present their latest advances on scientific research, formulation, functional ingredients, dietary supplements and clinical studies.
More time will be allocated to present the ingredients with probiotics and probiotics, and all finish products. If you have a specific strain, you can present your clinical data.

We hope that you will join us for this dynamic and strategic program and look forward to welcoming you in Paris.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

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